Romania to Kickstart Negotiations for Shore-Based, Coastal Anti-Ship Missile System ‘Soon’

Romania’s defense ministry is expected to kickstart negotiations to purchase new shore-based, coastal anti-ship missile system this week to replace Soviet P-15 Termit, local media reports.
According to a report by, the contract for acquisition of Mobile Missile Launchers Mobile System (SIML) has an estimated value of EUR 137 million, VAT not included, to be paid between 2018 and 2023. The systems will be deployed on the Black Sea coast and will be part of Romania’s marine defense.
The report stated that the ministry is expected to arm the country’s future military ships, namely the two frigates that will be modernized and the four multirole corvettes that will be built, with the same anti-ship missiles from the selected supplier, hence the stake for the potential bidders are much higher.

“Beyond the acquisition of corvettes and the modernization of the Type 22 frigates – a contract of about 1.6 billion euros, Romania will also have some future in the modernization of the Mărăşeşti Frigate, as well as the missile-carrying ships (NPR) – all armed with missiles anti-Soviet P-15 Termit ship requiring change,” the report says.

Four US and European groups are interested in this program. These include European group MBDA, US group Boeing, Swedish group Saab and Norwegian group Kongsberg.