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Technical Services

TEMAKS d.o.o. is the official exhibition general contractor and stand building company for the fifth edition of the Adriatic Sea Defense & Aerospace – ASDA 2023 Exhibition.

The contact person within TEMAKS d.o.o. is:

Mr. Branko Grižić
e-mail: branko@temaks.hr
Mob.: +385 91 276 2911
Tel.: +385 1 6526 590 / Fax: +385 1 6526 591

We provide electrical connection systems (supply cables from existent energy source to the electrical board in the exhibitor’s stand) according to the installed load you request. We take care of the power supply and we make sure your stand is well illuminated.

The venue does not permit water connections.

Refrigerators and refrigerated showcases are to your disposal.

Suspensions are available for services like stand design, advertising or company presentation.

Telecommunication and Intenet
We provide telephone, fax or internet connection.


During the stand construction/arrangement period as well as during the event running, TNT Productions Assistance Team will meet the exhibitors’ specific requirements. Other services such as fax, photocopying, exchange office, sale of fairs/exhibitions catalogues etc., are provided by TNT Productions.

Post Service, Telephone, Fax
The Post Office and public telephone booths are located nearby Exhibition Center, as well as fax facilities.

Snack Bars and Restaurants
Snack bars, pubs and restaurants are situated nearby the premises of Exhibition Center; also catering services are available by request.

Conference Halls
TNT Productions offers up-to-date facilities for congresses, conferences, symposia, business meetings, workshops, round tables, cocktail parties, banquets, fashion shows, promotional events etc.

Medical Assistance (First aid)
For medical emergency cases, please contact the medical assistance room inside Exhibition Center or dial 112 on any available telephone.

Tourist Services
Our business travel agent offers: hotel accommodation in Zadar, throughout Croatia and abroad; transfers from/to airport and car rentals, air ticket booking on international and domestic flights; sightseeing tours of Croatia and other destinations in the country; business trips and excursions. For further details, please contact TNT Productions.

Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearing Information
All transport and customs documents must clearly indicate:
– Name of Exhibition;
– Hall and Stand No.;
– Name of Exhibitor;
– Name of Custom Clearing Agent.
The marking of the packages must include the same details.
For more information regarding the Custom Clearing Agent or other details, such as cargo Documents required, Customs Formalities and Clearing Charges, Sales Conditions, Risks, insurance, please contact TNT Productions.

On request and according to the availabilities we will be pleased to provide free storage facilities in our warehouse for exhibition goods.

Guard, Insurance, Responsibilities
The organizer ensures exterior general watch of the pavilions during the night without being held responsible for the security and integrity of the exhibitors’ goods/ materials to be found in the stands or in the transportation means within Zadar premises.
– Goods insurance is recommended;
– The exhibitor is fully responsible for non-observance of the fire prevention regulations, including smoking in the stand or within Zadar premises.

Cleaning of the site, halls and gangways is arranged by the organizer. Special stand cleaning services are available before and during the exhibition, at request.

Car parking
Parking places are available near the exhibition site by using our permanent parking cards at attractive rates

Public transport
Wherever you come from, public transport services will bring you directly to us – from the rail station, airport or city centre.

Stand Construction

Standard Shell Scheme

If you ordered a standard shell scheme booth package direct from TNT Productions, your stand will be equipped with the following furniture per 12 sqm’s of space ordered:

– Stand units with hardwall panels framed in aluminum, optional office
– Full carpeting throughout stand and office
– One table with two chairs
– Three adjustable spotlights
– One info counter

Also each participant will receive a 220V, 50 Hz. electrical outlet, one waste paper basket, one clothes hanger and a company identification sign.

Furniture & Additional Services
If you require additional furniture items (e.g.: refrigerator, showcases, shelves, etc.) and have not made prior arrangements, please order them using the furniture drawings and the “Furniture & Additional Services Order Form” found in the Exhibitor Manual.

Customized Stand
Do you want to be unique? No problem!
Our designers can turn your idea into reality. Please contact your account representative for all the details.

Raw Exhibition Space
If you have your own modular stand or you appoint a different stand builder, we will be happy to find the right location for you.
Nevertheless, please note that raw exhibition space does not include any services for water and power. These services must be ordered on the furniture and equipment order form before the deadline date.

Special Advertising Services for the Exhibitors
At your request, our team can offer special advertising services, as well as a complete exhibition promotional plan, which include: outdoor advertising, indoor advertising, exclusive advertising, dedicated events, photo service and many more.

If you want to attract attention in a unique way, just let us know!

During the stand construction/arrangement period as well as during the event running, TNT Productions Assistance Team will meet the exhibitors’ specific requirements.