More US helicopters to be procured for Croatian Airforce

Defence Minister Damir Krsticevic on Friday announced the procurement of several US helicopters for the Croatian Armed Forces, after the US had donated to Croatia a squadron of Kiowa Warrior helicopters last year.

Helicopters are a priority in the process of upgrading the Armed Forces, after the government had made a decision to purchase multi-purpose fighter jets F-16 from Israel earlier this year, minister Krsticevic said.

The government had in March unanimously adopted a decision on the procurement of 12 Israeli F-16 C/D fighter jets that will cost Croatia 2.9 billion kuna (€392 million) over a ten year period. Krsticevic said this was one of the most important decisions made in the defence sector after the 1991-95 War.

The United States had donated to Croatia 16 Kiowa helicopters and equipment produced between 2012 and 2015.

Krsticevic discussed the procurement of helicopters in Zagreb on Friday with US Defence Secretary James Mattis, who said the United States would help modernise the Croatian Army.

The minister did not reveal any other details on the procurement of new helicopters, only saying that “the Croatian public will be informed.”


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